Privacy against search engine

Google as the biggest online search engine, the users should be more concern about their privacy. Barbara Ortutay suggests in Adelaide Now on 14 July that the reason Google strongly wants to have it own social network because there is a large amount of information is hidden from the Google search due to the Facebook’s privacy policy. Once people turn to use Google+, Google will become even more powerful search engine than ever before.

 Check Point has made an info graphic concluding the privacy functions that we might need to resetThis info graphic shows that the default setting of Google+ is equal to set your information to be visible on Google search, and some activities you do on Google will be recorded. Apart from this privacy concerns, basically everything that is done on Google+ will be stored in Google database. From the fact that Google is a search engine, this way there will be much more information available on Google search. Since Google connects to almost every website in the world (considered the fact that it also own the biggest video search engine YouTube), the users are able to do much more thing on social network. However, the users should be aware that, by using Google+ as the main social network, there will be an enormous amount of private information being managed by Google.

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